Brian Ginsler First Advisor to Receive DACFP Certificate in Blockchain and Digital Assets

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September 2021 – The Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals (DACFP), an organization committed to giving financial professionals the knowledge and skills they need to provide their clients accurate, relevant, timely and valuable advice about blockchain and digital assets, have announced that Brian Ginsler is the first advisor in Canada to receive the DACFP Certificate in Blockchain and Digital Assets.

Brian Ginsler commented, “I believe having at least a base level of understanding of blockchain and digital assets is a critical addition to an advisor’s toolkit. This course, offered by Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals, is a fantastic start. This asset class will not be appropriate for many. But at Ginsler Wealth, we believe, where appropriate, our clients should have exposure to what could play a role in the future of money (bitcoin), smart contracts/Web 3.0 (#ethereum) and more.”

Speak to us to learn more about how digital assets might (or might not) fit into your overall portfolio.

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