Brian Ginsler on the Real Human Project

An Unlimited Podcast twist! This episode is a podcast within a podcast…

This episode sees the tables turned on our host, Ginsler Wealth CEO, Brian Ginsler, as he switches from interviewer to interviewee. Brian is interviewed as part of The Real Human Project by Sam, an AI interviewer, with the goal of helping people share their stories and reveal the “real human” behind each interviewee.

The Real Human Project is on a mission to help people get to know each other better. Through AI-hosted podcast interviews, everyone has an opportunity to make an episode about what makes them who they are. These episodes can then be shared with anyone the participant would like to share their story with. Once an episode has been shared, listeners are encouraged to respond with their feelings about the episode.

The Real Human Project has extended a special offer to all listeners of the Unlimited Podcast: for $50 USD off your very own episode, enter code “Unlimited” at checkout.

To learn more about The Real Human Project, or to get your own episode, visit

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