Finding Unique Investment Opportunities with Daniel Zwirn from Arena Investors on The Unlimited Podcast

On Episode 8 of The Unlimited Podcast, Brian Ginsler speaks with Daniel Zwirn, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer of Arena Investors LP. Daniel co-founded Arena Investors in 2015 to bring creative solutions to those seeking capital in special situations. With a mandate unconstrained by industry, product or geography, Arena has become a ~$3.4 billion global investment firm focusing on special situations asset and credit investments in corporates, real estate, structured finance, and corporate securities. Daniel and his team have become well known for their ability to develop pragmatic, very precisely-structured investment opportunities in complex situations where others can’t or won’t.

In this episode, we discuss with Daniel the Arena approach to seeking the “highest return per unit of risk”, some diversification myths, and how to find special investment situations. Brian also gets Daniel’s thoughts on the importance of transparency in completing due diligence, with specific examples around Bridging Finance and Bernie Madoff.

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