Ginsler Wealth firmly stands with Israel

Following the abhorrent terrorist attack by Hamas in Israel on October 7, we have been watching the situation in Gaza and Israel with great concern. Ginsler Wealth does not wish to recite history or debate politics at a time like this. These are not our areas of expertise. But what we believe should be extremely clear to all humans, is that the killing, torture, and abduction of innocent civilians can never be justified – and the perpetrators of such acts must be stopped.

Most of all, we wish for peace and stability for all in the region – especially those who have had no involvement with or support of terrorist activities.

In addition to being vocal in our support of Israel, we have thought hard about how we can take action to support Israel in this time of need. As mentioned above, politics is not our expertise; but investing is.

So over the past week we have been speaking with the leadership of Canada-Israel Securities – the organization that sells Israel bonds in Canada – and have confirmed our ability to purchase Israel bonds on behalf of our clients. Ginsler Wealth will also waive our fees and cover any transaction costs for any Israel bonds purchased by our clients.

Israel Bonds are backed by the full faith and credit of the State of Israel, which has always made interest and principal payments on Israel bonds since the first bond was issued in 1951—regardless of any instability or war they have faced.

While making a donation is certainly the most impactful way to assist Israel, “investing in Israel” may be the next best way to provide financial support for a period of time. And Israel needs our support now more than ever.


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