Insurance 101 with Simon Kay on The Unlimited Podcast

As long as humans have been taking risks, we have been looking for ways to mitigate those risks. Insurance, while a very popular risk transfer tool, can be complex and easily misunderstood. On this episode of The Unlimited Podcast, Brian speaks with Simon Kay of IPS insurance, who provides an Insurance 101 lesson, focusing on insurance for individuals and families.

Brian and Simon discuss different types of insurance, how to determine how much insurance you need, individual vs. group coverage, and more.

Simon is the President of IPS Insurance, a specialized insurance advisory firm with a very unique private underwriting approach to determine insurability. Simon is an insurance industry veteran, having started his insurance career back in 1988 as an insurance agent at London Life. More recently, Simon is a founding investor in Fairgrounds, a free-to-join racquet club focusing on Pickelball and Padel – some of the fastest growing sports in the word.

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And COMING SOON…The Unlimited Podcast goes back to school for Insurance 201, where we explore the use of insurance for tax-efficient wealth accumulation.


This episode is brought to you by Ginsler Wealth Financial Services Inc., a FSRAO licensed insurance agent corporation. Nothing in this podcast should be deemed to be insurance or financial advice, and is for informational purposes only.

The original article for Brian’s summary of the history of insurance can be found here.

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