The State of Real Estate with Rob Kumer on The Unlimited Podcast

Real estate is a hot topic for Canadians, especially in the current housing-challenged environment. Rob Kumer, incoming CEO of KingSett Capital, describes what he’s seeing now and what Canadians might expect from the real estate market and the economy in 2024 and beyond.

Brian and Rob discuss Rob’s path to CEO of KingSett, KingSett’s investment process, various real estate sectors, affordable housing, government policies, the path to environmentally sustainable real estate, and more!

Rob graduated with an HBA degree from the Ivey Business School. He joined KingSett in 2004 as an analyst and is currently President & Chief Investment Officer, as well as incoming CEO, effective January 2024. Rob is also a director of the Sinai Health System foundation in Toronto.

Founded in 2002, KingSett is one of Canada’s leading real estate private equity firms, managing approximately $18 billion across real estate asset classes including office, industrial, residential & affordable housing, retail, urban, hotel and development.

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