Everything is Sales with Darren Rabie on The Unlimited Podcast

Darren Rabie on The Unlimited Podcast

Brian believes that everyone needs to understand sales because ultimately, “everything is sales”. What does this mean? Sales expert Darren Rabie joins Brian on this episode of The Unlimited Podcast to help answer that question, and show how sales can be applied to more aspects of life than you may think.

(Note: This episode is also available with video on Spotify or on the Ginsler Wealth YouTube Channel.)

Darren was born in Cape Town, South Africa. His father owned successful clothing stores and his mother was a teacher. Along with his two brothers, he lived a wonderful life. But the fears and injustice of Apartheid drove the family to immigrate to Toronto in 1977. In Canada, with no money or connections, Darren’s father started a clothing import business and his mom became a travel agent. He grew up learning from two hard-working, never complaining, dedicated and loving parents who sacrificed for their kids. As a teenager, Darren had lots of jobs but quickly realized that he was more entrepreneur than employee. After graduating from Ivey Business School in 1996, Darren co-founded his first company – The Results Group (TRG) – an outsourced lead-generation firm for B2B businesses. By 2003 Darren realized that many of TRG’s clients lacked the sales leadership, structure and tools to succeed, no matter how many leads were generated for them. So, he sold TRG and founded Focus Sales Management – initially renting himself, then others, out as part-time sales managers for small B2B companies. In 2010 another division was born – Focus CRM – to provide ongoing support and training contracts for companies struggling with salesforce.com. In 2018, Darren decided to make his next life change and sold Focus to his partners in the firm. Darren now provides his clients with sales-related consulting, coaching, recruiting, and workshops.

Brian and Darren discuss human nature, applying sales concepts in your personal life, Darren’s “12 C’s” (characteristics) of effective (sales)people, and more.

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