David Rosenberg on The Unlimited Podcast by Ginsler Wealth: Full Episode

On Episode 6 of The Unlimited Podcast, Brian Ginsler speaks with David Rosenberg, President and Chief Economist & Strategist of Rosenberg Research. David Rosenberg founded Rosenberg Research in January 2020 after an illustrious, three-decade career on Wall Street and Bay Street as an economist and market strategist.

It is fitting that we are releasing Brian’s recent interview with David Rosenberg on a day (and week, month and year) when the markets and economy have been particularly difficult. For our clients, we remind you that – while each client situation is different – most Ginsler Wealth portfolios are highly diversified by asset class and strategy and everything is not moving in the same direction. For those who are not GW clients, we remind you that to successfully navigate the perpetually uncertain investment landscape, your portfolios should contain more than just two asset classes (i.e., stocks and bonds). We are pleased to provide any thoughts and guidance on any non-GW portfolios where you may have concerns.

Unfortunately, this podcast episode will not help you sleep better at night. But it will provide a back-to-basics explanation of Economics 101 and what is causing some of the challenges we are experiencing today. David also makes one of his boldest predictions to-date regarding the Canadian housing market. Add to that a discussion about Rosie’s path to success and advice for entrepreneurs and it makes for some good listening.

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